Top 5 EV Stocks to Buy right now (Jan 2021)

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Electric Vehicle (EV) stocks have been on  steady incline for a good part of 2020 and will continue to see upward trend well into 2021 and beyond. The 2021 continued boost will be fueled by Biden’s green energy plan in addition to a full Democrat controlled Congress that is likely to help push legislation through in order to expedite any plans in his first 100 days. 

Here are our Top 5 EV stocks to buy right now (January 2021)

#5 – Ford (NYSE: F)

Ford is a dirt cheap EV play that should have lots of room on the upside if you are willing to hold a long position for the next several years. Outside of TSLA, there is much to be desired of the American EV market but 2021 politics should play nice with Ford as they make the push towards EV. Don’t expect any parabolic TSLA-ish movements but instead a steady incline with minimal downside for the next 5-10 years.

52 Wk High

Avg Vol

Earnings Date
Feb 2nd

#4 – Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG)

PLUG has recently seen massive upward movement due to strategic alliances made with South Korean SK group. This strategic agreement is expected to pay huge dividends as the South Korean government ramps Hydrogen vehicles over the next 20 years.  Even with the recent 35% stock jump, It’s not too late to join the chase as PLUG has a lot of room to grow.

52 Wk High

Avg Vol

Earnings Date
March 3rd

#3 – Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK)

With all the new EV cars, who’s going to build all the charging stations? Blink Charging is trying to solve this problem and has already deployed thousands of charging stations across the US. This push into EV infrastructure is why we saw the 2020 meteoric rise soaring over 2000% with 1.6B in market cap. Blink is now well funded and will fill a necessary role for EVs for the next several years.

52 Wk High

Avg Vol

Earnings Date

#2 – NIO (NYSE: NIO)

China’s version of TSLA, NIO rose from the ashes in just over a year, rocketing 2000% from its low. The company has doubled their operations delivering over 30,000 electric vehicles last year to compete with TSLA. 

52 Wk High

Avg Vol

Earnings Date
May 28

#1 – Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA)

The global leader and undisputed standard when it comes EV. Tesla’s rise has nothing short of amazing and CEO Elon Musk is now the richest man in the world surpassing Jeff Bezos. In December 2020, TSLA entered the S&P 500 with a 1.69% weighting making it the fifth largest in the index. In addition to EV, the automaker also manufactures and install solar energy storage which only adds to value. 

One thing is certain, TSLA is not slowing down. Establish a position and hold long for almost certain returns. 

52 Wk High

Avg Vol

Earnings Date
Jan 27

Other Notable Mentions

Nikola (Nasdaq: NKLA)

AYRO (Nasdaq: AYRO)

SwitchBack Energy (NYSE: SBE)

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