Top 5 places for Pizza in the Sacramento area

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While this area is known to be the farm-to-fork capital in the US, Sacramento is no slouch when it comes to pizza. Just being near cities like San Francisco, Napa, and Lake Tahoe, the area tends to fly under the radar for many visiting the area.

Here are out Top 5 places for pizza in the Sacramento area.

#5 – Roma II Pizzeria

Roma Pizzeria has been considered one of the best pizza places in the area for many years. Located in a small strip mall, you could easily pass it by without even noticing it. The pizza is not for the health conscious as it will arrive jam packed with toppings and baked to a perfect crisp. Owner Maria Guerrera is a native of Puglia in Southern Italy and still visits relatives there and in the neighboring Molise and Campania.

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#4 – Pizzeria Classico

A locally owned business in old town Historic Folsom since 1985. Pizzeria Classico serves all the classic Italian-American dishes in addition to some delicious combinations that aren’t found in many pizzerias in Sacramento. Be sure to try some of the more unique items on the menu including Rosemary garlic chicken, Stinkin Rose, and the Chicken Alfredo next time you drop in.

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#3 – Wally’s Pizza Bar

Wally’s pizza bar is locally owned and operated by Wally, Dan, Jeremy & Monica Dreher. The Dreher family is known for operating FLB Sports Bar & Casino since 1979. Wally’s menu is extensive serving breakfast, lunch, pasta, more than 10 pizza combinations, and some delicious desserts! Located 10 minutes east of Folsom, the drive is worth it to have some of the best pizza in the area. 

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#2 – OneSpeed Pizza

OneSpeed Pizza is a neighborhood pizza joint in the heart of East Sacramento brought to you by Rick Mahan, chef and owner of The Waterboy. One thing is certain here at OneSpeed, the pizza is always fresh, the ingredients are local, and the sausage is made in house! Rick has included some non traditional options including a vegan pizza that is highly regarded even amongst non-vegans.

An absolute must try for pizza lovers in Sacramento.

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#1 – Heyday Cafe

Heyday Cafe is a true diamond in the rough, the food here is simply amazing. Opened in early 2007, Heyday Cafe has been a local favorite and remained on the forefront of Culinary excellence in Placerville. There are only a handful of pizzas to choose from on the menu, but every single one is handcrafted to perfection. Some favorites include the Home-made sausage, BBQ chicken, Roasted Butternut Bacon, and the Truffle & Chicken. Placerville is not technically Sacramento but I could not leave this small cozy cafe out of the running.

Heyday Cafe is an ABSOLUTE must for those who want to experience the best pizza in the Sacramento area.

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Let us know if we missed your favorite spot for Pizza in Sacramento.

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