Top 5 Best items to order at a Sushi restaurant

sushi platter

#5 – Horse Mackerel (Aji)

One of the most popular fish in Japan, it is lighter in flavor than traditional mackerel with a slight pinkish flesh after the skin is removed.

#4 – Great Amberjack (Kanpachi)

A more seasonal speciality item on many sushi menus as it is typically more expensive to serve, but this is a must try for sushi lovers.

#3 – Sea Urchin (Uni)

Definitely an acquired taste, Uni is considered a delicacy for many cultures as it can fetch a fairly high price depending where it comes from. An absolute must try for adventurous eaters and sushi lovers.

#2 – Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi)

One of the only shrimp dishes enjoyed raw, known for their unique sweet taste and great texture on the tongue. Don’t skip this option on the menu as it is a favorite amongst many.

#1 – Fatty Tuna Belly (Chutoro/Otoro)

Medium and ultra fatty tuna are some of the most delicious options on menus around the world. Known for a rich and soft texture that will melt in your mouth, Chu-toro and O-toro are an absolute favorite amongst most who have given it a try.

Let us know if we missed some of your favorite items!

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