Top 5 Triathlon Essentials on Amazon (New Athletes)

Breaking into the sport of triathlon can be a bit overwhelming with all the equipment you feel like you may need to get started. The truth is you don’t need much to get going, but having some of the essentials can make your journey go a lot smoother. 

Here are some triathlon essentials that you can find on Amazon to get you started.

#5 – Multi-sport fitness watch

While a multi-sport watch is not an absolute necessity, it is a great addition to any triathlon training plan as it can help motivate and make you more efficient at each of the 3 disciplines. The demands of a triathlete are unique as the watch must be comfortable to wear over multiple hours, able to last the duration of your event while utilizing GPS, and accurately measure heart rate.

Here are some good options for multi-sport watches that can be purchased on Amazon.

Our top pick for a Triathlon Watch
A few others that are worth a mention

#4 – Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is important from not only the sun’s harmful UV rays but also from wind, bugs, and whatever else may come your way during a long event.

Here are some great options on Amazon that offer performance and style.

Our top pick for performance Sunglasses
A few others that are worth a mention

#3 – Wetsuit

Depending on where you will be racing and the temperature of the water, a wetsuit will be an essential investment for most triathletes. Wetsuits designed for triathletes are not only to keep you warm, but also provide a wide range of motion in your shoulders in addition to providing buoyancy and stability for longer swim sessions.

Here are some great options on Amazon for Triathlon wetsuits.

Our top pick for Triathlon Wetsuit
A few others that are worth a mention

#2 – Running Shoes

Runners and triathletes will all agree that shoes are the most simple but complicated decision you can make. While “normal” people solely consider comfort, others obsess about pronation, material weight, propulsive plates, and lace systems for quick transitions. All of these obsessions are both completely unnecessary and absolutely necessary depending on who you talk to!

Here are some great options on Amazon for running shoes.

Our top pick for Running Shoes
A few others that are worth a mention

#1 – Triathlon Suit

A fundamental piece of your triathlon gear set, your racing suit will be under your wetsuit during the swim, keeping you comfortable on the bike, and cool on the run. 

Here are some great options on Amazon for a trisuit.

Our top pick for a racing trisuit
A few others that are worth a mention

Leave a comment below and let us know if you have some more suggestions for essential triathlon gear from Amazon!

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